Barriqueing Process

Before the lid is placed, the barrel is barriqueing (thermally treated) - it is placed back over the fire (live flame made of oak slats) and slowly burned from the inside. Depending on the type of barrel ordered by the winemaker, the treatment (barriqueing) time will be shorter or longer. This phase of barrel production is given special attention and approached with delicate precision. Depending on the customer's wishes, we have precisely defined treatments that provide the following degrees of barriqueing:

  • light toast
  • medium toast
  • medium plus toast and
  • heavy toast

The treatment time, ie the intensity of the flame and the temperature are strictly controlled by thermal probes which are fixed at two points inside the barrel. Properly done thermal treatment shapes such aromas in the wood, which in the barrels during ripening complement and enrich the character of the wine and brandy that are stored in them.