The selection of oak and the manufacture of "rainbows"

The selection of oak and the procedure for making Serbian oak barrels is meticulous and aims to produce high-quality barrels that have a positive impact on the development of wine and brandy. Only oaks over 80 years old are selected and the felling of trees is done exclusively in the dormant phase of the tree saps to ensure optimal conditions. After felling, the oak logs are carefully maintained with control of constant humidity to initiate the development of desirable microflora and prevent tree cracking. This detailed process highlights the commitment of Serbian cooperages to producing top-quality oak barrels for the wine and brandy industry. 

The logs are cut into shorter pieces after a certain time, from which "rainbows" (untreated boards for barrel formation) are obtained through splitting or scraping. Each "rainbow" is split or scraped from the log separately to preserve the fiber construction of the log, resulting in a high-quality "rainbow." The rainbows are left to mature in the open air for a period of two to four years, during which time they are exposed to various weather conditions, temperature changes, wind, and precipitation, which removes contaminants and excess coarse tannins. This aging process enhances the quality of the rainbows and prepares them for use in barrel making.